Our Editors

Alfio Ferlito
University: University Of Udine School Of Medicine
Email id: a.ferlito@uniud.it
Country: Italy
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Muhammad Jabbr
University: Medcare Hospital
Email id: muhammadjabbr@gmail.com
Country: United Arab Emirates
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Marco Berlucchi
University: Spedali Civili
Email id: marco.berlucchi@tin.it
Country: Italy
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Sambhaji Govind Chintale
University: Muhs Nashik University
Email id: drsamchinto@gmail.com
Country: India
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Jadranka Handzic
University: University Hospital Center Of Zagreb
Email id: jadranka.handzic@gmail.com
Country: Croatia
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Luca D'Ascanio
University: "Carlo Poma" Civil Hospital
Email id: l.dascanio@gmail.com
Country: Italy
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