Our Editors

Alain L. Fymat
University: International Institute Of Medicine & Science
Email id: alain.fymat@fiimas.org
Country: United States
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Mohammad Salahuddin Mohammad Othman
University: Al-Baha University
Email id: mothman12399@yahoo.com
Country: Saudi Arabia
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Abdelmonem Awad Hegazy
University: Zagazig University
Email id: dr.abdelmonemhegazy@yahoo.com
Country: Egypt
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Selma Sakhri
University: Chu Tizi Ouzou
Email id: sakhri_selma@yahoo.fr
Country: Algeria
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Giuseppe Gullo
University: Villa Sofia –Cervello Hospital
Email id: gullogiuseppe@libero.it
Country: Italy
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Mahdi Akhbardeh
University: Tehran Medical University
Email id: mahdi_akhbardeh44@yahoo.com
Country: Iran, Islamic Republic Of
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Maasoume Abdollahi
University: AJA University Of Medical Science
Email id: abdolahi_masume@yahoo.com
Country: Iran, Islamic Republic Of
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Sreelatha S Ramesh
University: ESIC Medical College And Hospital
Email id: dr.sreelatha2011@gmail.com
Country: India
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Emmanuel Ifeanyi Obeagu
University: Imo State University
Email id: emmanuelobeagu@yahoo.com
Country: Nigeria
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Safdar Shah
University: KingEdward Medical University
Email id: drsafdar-ali@hotmail.com
Country: Pakistan
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