Preparation of manuscript

Must Haves:

  1. Cover Letter: Authors are requested to submit a cover letter mentioning all the authors and co-author’s information with Department, University, Address, Correspondence details, Country, Email, Contact details.
  2. Main Manuscript: Submit as a single file or Zip folder (in case exceeds the size limit) either in MS Word or PDF with all Abstract, Keywords, Abbreviations, Figures, Tables, Appendices, References, inserted at appropriate places in the text of the article.
  3. Supporting Information: If authors are interested to add any supporting information like acknowledgements, conflicts of interests, author’s contributions, Funding availability, Dedications, Thank Notes etc. they can add at the end of the manuscript itself.

Main Manuscripts should be framed in accordance with the type of the article, that includes various types:
Eg. Research Papers:

Format of Article

  • Title page,
  • Abstract,
  • Introduction,
  • Materials and Methods,
  • Results/Observations,
  • Discussion,
  • Acknowledgements,
  • References,
  • Tables,
  • Figures and Legends
  • All manuscripts should be written in English and number all the pages consecutively beginning with the title page.
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